World Poetry Day with Cascade Place

For World Poetry Day we asked the creatives from CPL's Cascade Place to share some of their recently penned poems, presented in the form of song lyrics.

"Arranged in words, coloured with images, struck with the right meter, poetry has a power that has no match. This is the power to shake us from everyday life and the power to remind us of the beauty that surrounds us and of the resilience of the human spirit."

Below are lyrics written by Ryan, Damian, Sara, Daniel and Chris who were kind enough to share their pieces.


I thought it was greatness
But what I really need is a hill of memories to help this remedy
Swiftly stop by ending this quickly

I could adopt an opportunity 
To let me stay positively negative all the time
It’s revolutionary that I got the glory

Some place I should go by myself
I might as well get there before I go to hell.

The leverage that I got over closure
Hope I don’t get to know ya
Complaining in the dark and it feels like walking on the bright side

Running from my demons
Every season
Salt and peppers what I’m eating, now I’m sneezing
I’m at peace I’ll see you in hell
…. actually.

- Ryan

Escape from the Island of the Damned

This ghost is made of wood
I better walk away
The ghosts have ideas
The ghosts have eyes dear
The ghost of ideas 
The ghost is right here

They’re far away from the island

Where is he? Too far away?
The ghosts are scaring me coz I’m scaring them
The ghosts are scared of me coz I’m scared of them
I’m very scared.
They’re very scared.

They’re far away from the island.

- Damian

The Loneliest One

Up in the air I can see a spaceship
It’s the moon up in there
It makes me feel good – la la la 

The loneliest one
The loneliest one around

Down on the ground
I can see a spaceship
It’s the moon on the horizon – over there

- Sara

Come Back Down

Commute in the morning
I’ve got to take off the straps
Reverse to put you down just to talk in the front door
Everyone’s doing tea and paperwork
Under the sound of plans and footsteps
Come back down

- Daniel

Very Very Pretty Girls

Outside the ladies are talking
She’s pink, she’s dancing in the rain
Give me some more every week 
Meet up again and I get heavy maintenance 
Obviously, she’s at the party
She’s hot
She’s tired
She’s arty
Not my girl rolling over this a story I’ll never tell
She’s not my friend, I’ll make her sound like one of the bond girls
What a private person I’m looking at

very very pretty girls Running away from me

- Chris

Aspiring poet, song writer or artist? Learn more about CPL's Cascade Place and the creative programs on offer.

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