Two green thumbs up: David finds his independence in Helensvale.

What is it that makes the difference between a house and a home? For David Dickfos, it was simple: home meant a space where he was able to do the things he loved independently.  

When he saw the Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) home at Helensvale, he knew immediately he’d found his new home. Built by Youngcare, and with Supported Independent Living (SIL) services provided by CPL, it has an accessible kitchen and laundry, and even raised garden beds, although the gardens were in dire need of a bit of TLC.  

After David and his housemates, Jack and Geoffrey, moved in, David was keen to put his green thumb to work straight away.  

“When they all moved in, the garden was pretty sparse, but one of the first things David did was go out and buy a hose, so he could start to bring it back to life.”  

said Kable Bull, CPL’s Service Facilitator.

It didn’t take David long to turn the garden into a flourishing veggie patch, full of tomatoes, capsicums, herbs and chillies – although the chillies are mostly decorative, as none of the housemates like spicy food.  

A passionate cook, David enjoys using his home-grown herbs and veggies in his home cooking, and chopping the herbs is a great way for him to exercise his fine motor skills.  

The housemates take turns in cooking, and recently Jack has been enjoying getting more involved. The kitchen can get a little crowded on days when they both want to do the cooking, but they make it work by using the adjustable kitchen table as a cooking space too.  

As the housemates all moved in together at the same time, everyone has enjoyed getting to know each other, and finding ways to settle into routines. The nightly meal has been especially bonding, as they all share a delicious home-made dinner together.  

As for the garden, these days, Kable says, “it looks like a forest!”  

The Helensvale house is built in a newer development without much in the way of nature nearby – so the garden isn’t plagued by marauding possums or other local pests. It’s also a lovely way for the housemates to connect with nature, without having to leave their own backyard.  

Being able to do the things he loves independently has made such a difference to David’s wellbeing. David’s brother Tony said, “David is much happier. He loves it there.” 

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