Sarah shares some wisdom

Sarah’s unique approach to job seeking landed her in a job she loves. Starting out as a volunteer at State Library of Queensland over five years ago, she is now employed part-time and loving every minute.

Sarah has worked hard to prove herself to be an integral part of the State Library team. Not only has she learned new skills, she’s also been able to teach her team about inclusivity in the workplace, which she says is an ongoing conversation for many organisations.

“Workplaces and study institutions are becoming more inclusive; it’s definitely improved for me over the years,” she said.

“You just need to have frank but friendly conversations and be assertive about what you can and can’t do.”

After finding her place in the working world, Sarah said her number one tip for other job seekers of all abilities is to write a great cover letter!

“Although it can be difficult to express yourself on paper, try to think of something that really makes you stand out to the employer.”

Sarah had faced the issue of not knowing how to contest for roles and stand out against other candidates. She had been between jobs and had already spent a few months looking for her next opportunity. In the end she was out of ideas and turned to her Mylestones Employment Job Development Officer for support.

Having first worked with Mylestones when she was 16 years old, she knew they had the experience to make a difference when her own efforts weren’t paying off. Together they came up with the idea to make a personalised resume, asking the CEO of State Library if she could work with one of the departments.

“I was struggling to find something that suited my abilities, so I created my own opportunity!

“I really had to figure out what I could offer and what niche skills I have that could be valuable to a company, and then put that forward.”

Sarah’s final piece of advice is simply to not give up - persistence is key!

If you want some help finding your next career opportunity, give the team at Mylestones a call on 1300 635 627. 

Sulphur Yellow
Sarah pictured from the shoulders up in an orange shirt. She has short, dark blonde hair and is smiling.