Quality: what it means and what it looks like at CPL.

This year CPL has made quality a key focus for our entire business. 

We’ve been working busily behind the scenes to ensure your services are the top quality you deserve to receive. To keep you up to date with all the things we’ve been working on, we sat down with our Chief Operating Officer Wendy Lavelle to gain some insight into CPL’s business and how we make sure you’re always top of mind in our decisions.

Can you tell us about CPL’s commitment to quality?

CPL is a big organisation and we’ve been around for over 70 years now, so we know what it takes to deliver the best quality services for our clients. We also know what our clients deserve and that’s to have a provider they trust and can rely on. It’s as simple as being on time, always being available to chat or answer a question, and continually evolving our practices and processes with safety as the number one priority.

What are some of the things CPL has introduced?

I think the first important point is that ‘quality’ isn’t a buzz word for us. We pride ourselves on being a leading provider and we are always working to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations. There are lots of things we’ve been doing to help make sure people are receiving the best quality services, but each and every decision comes back to being consistent and reliable. One really simple thing we have been working on is updating contact information for all our clients. This alone means we can get in touch quicker and easier, especially if we have an important change or update. People can update their details by contacting their local CPL Manager.

What about broader changes in the disability services sector? Anything our readers should know about?

In 2019 the new NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission commenced in Queensland and regulations for registered disability providers have evolved. This is great news for clients of registered providers like CPL who adhere to these national guidelines and quality requirements. CPL is one of the largest providers of disability services in Queensland and Northern New South Wales, and we’re always striving to be a leader in our field. We aim to ensure our services and programs are exceeding the quality standards. As our CEO often says, meeting the standards is just a license to operate. We are seeking to exceed legislated standard and be world-class. I encourage our clients to find out a little more about the NDIS Commission on their website: ndiscommission.gov.au

How can our readers get involved and help CPL continue to excel?

That’s an easy question to answer! Give us feedback. We always want to hear from our clients about their experiences with us. Whether you want to acknowledge a staff member or a particular program you feel has made a big difference, or you’ve recognised something that needs to be amended, we want to know about it. Not only will we listen but we will also act. You can never give too much feedback.

One of the most exciting projects we are working on is our internal community visitor program that will rely on peers and family members to provide feedback and advise on the environment and operations in the many Supported Independent Living (SIL) settings we operate.

Providing feedback to CPL

What you think about our services and how we can improve them is very important to us. It helps us provide the best possible support to you and others. There are lots of ways to provide feedback. 

From October 2019 all our customers will be asked to rate their satisfaction with our service. Surveys will be sent once per year via email or SMS, so make sure we have your up-to-date contact details.

Our Client Consultative Committee is always eager to hear from clients who have feedback and are interested in discussing service provision. If you’ve got great ideas or would like to be a part of CPL’s continued development, we have a Customer Advisory Panel where you can share your thoughts on specific areas of CPL’s service. Ability Forum is an online community where you can have your say through online surveys at abilityforum.org.au

Our clients are central to our organisation and without them there is no CPL; so we want to hear your thoughts on what our business strategy should be.

To get involved you can: 

  • Chat to your local Manager of Facilitator
  • Call our Customer Service Hub on 1800 275 753
  • Send a letter to PO Box 386, Fortitude Valley QLD 4006
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CPL Client Jenny with carer Rebecca. Jenny is in a wheelchair wearing a bright pink shirt and has short brown hair. Rebecca has shoulder-length blonde hair, black glasses and is wearing a red CPL shirt.