Prepping for graduation?

There are over 50,000 Year 12 students graduating High School across Queensland and Northern New South Wales this year. That’s a lot of young people thinking about their future!

For some the choices are simple – graduate, go to university, get a job – but for others it’s not that straight forward. What if you’re not ready to work, aren’t sure what you’d like to do next, or don’t know where to start with study?

Have you heard of School Leaver Employment Supports (SLES)?

You may already know that NDIS participants can get funding for finding and keeping a job. This is where SLES comes in. The goal of SLES is to create pathways for school leavers with barriers to work, so they can earn an income, gain independence, and pursue their passions. The supports you receive are tailored to meet your individual employment goals, at a pace you are comfortable with.

There are many ways that Mylestones can support you.

The team at Mylestones works closely with each individual to develop a personalised plan for transitioning from school to employment. This plan could include:

  • Work trials in various industries and workplaces
  • Experience working on a coffee cart or garden maintenance crew
  • Personal branding and presentation skills
  • Communication skills and confidence building
  • Life skills including money handling, taking instructions and time management

Looking for more information?
We are here to answer any questions you may have. Our dedicated SLES Coordinators are available to assist both parents and students through the process. Call us on 1800 275 753 or visit

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