Meet Levi

On Levi’s 18th birthday he joined his local Men’s Shed and became the youngest member of the group.

Over the past year, Levi helped the other men to get the Shed up and running, committing his time each Friday morning to pitch in and do his bit. With each task, Levi acquired new skills and was soon helping to build shelves and work stations.

By the time the Shed was fully established, Levi was keen to get his hands on some tools in the workshop. Learning from the other members, he started by making a box, and has since learned everything from sanding and sawing to drilling and grinding.

The Men’s Shed President, Tony Hunter, had only good things to say about their youngest member.

“I’m always happy to see Levi arrive, and he’s always willing to help out with things around the shed.”

Through his involvement with the Men’s Shed, Levi has not only learnt great life skills like welding and building, but also made new friends and continues to improve his social skills and communication.

“I always look forward to going to the Men’s Shed every Friday. I have learnt how to use tools in a safe way and made lots of new friends,” Levi said.

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Levi working on a project at the mens shed. Levi is wearing a grey shirt and protective equipment including a face shield, ear muffs and an orange apron.