Meet Denise and Michael

Three years ago, Denise’s son Michael moved in to CPL’s Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA), Hillcrest. Today, Denise says Michael’s life has completely changed – for the better!

My son Michael is 34 years old. For the last three years he has been living at Hillcrest, and he has really turned a corner with his health.

Before CPL, Michael lived at home with me and although he had a good quality of life, his health was suffering. He was bed-bound and very unwell when he first moved to Hillcrest. But now he’s thriving; he’s put on weight, he smiles more, and he’s up and about doing things. His health has improved out of sight. We are even looking at getting a personal trainer to get some of Michael’s strength back, which is a huge leap forward.

It was such an emotional transfer for both of us, but being 34 years old, Michael needed to live away from his mum, and I think I needed that too. I also knew he needed support to get his health back on track. But as a mother, I had to be sure my son was moving to a good place. I know any other mother would feel the same. 

I spent a lot of time doing research, and looking back I honestly wish I’d done it sooner because the support completely turned Michael’s life around.

CPL is doing such a great job. It’s all about Michael and what he wants. He has housemates who are around all the time, which has made a big difference. He’s so happy now that I don’t need to be there as much, although I still visit often. I really love going to see him, it’s my home away from home and I always feel welcome.

I knew one day I wouldn’t be able to continue being Michael’s 24-hour carer, so I am relieved to have found a place I feel comfortable leaving him, and with people I know will take great care of him. I hope that CPL has the resources to go on forever and provide more houses like Hillcrest!

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Michael is pictured from the shoulders up and is wearing a blue shirt. He has short blonde hair. Denise is also pictured from the shoulders up. She is wearing a pink shirt and has short grey hair. the background is blurred.