Let's Talk Telehealth

With COVID restrictions and mask requirements making some health care appointments and locations less accessible in the last couple of years, you have heard the word 'telehealth' popping up far more than usual.

Telehealth is the use of digital communication technologies - like laptops, smart phones and tablets, to access health care services. This can include a wide range of appointments, from GP consultations to physiotherapy.

Fast facts about telehealth

  • 74 per cent of patients prefer easy access to healthcare services over face-to-face visits
  • Since March 2020, 88,251 practitioners have delivered 79.6 million telehealth services to 15.7 million patients
  • You do not require any specialty equipment at home to participate in a telehealth session
  • Therapists are able to adapt their sessions delivered through telehealth to support client’s engagement and participation in the sessions

Telehealth can be delivered by

  • general practitioners (GPs)
  • specialists
  • allied health providers
  • mental health professionals
  • nurse practitioners

Telehealth has many benefits, including

  • Lower costs: accessing care from the comfort of your home means less money spent on things like petrol, parking, childcare, or time off work
  • Better access: Improved experience for people with a disability who have mobility limitations, or people in rural communities without access to in-person clinics
  • Stopping the spread: Fewer visits to doctor offices means you are less likely to pick up an infection by being around sick people
  • Convenience: Scheduling appointments that work for your schedule is far easier as you eliminate travel time
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How should I prepare for a telehealth appointment?

  • Make sure your device - laptop/tablet/phone is fully charged
  • Find a quiet space free of distractions
  • Give yourself plenty of space in front of the telehealth device, so your therapist or doctor can see you and any activity you may need to perform as part of your appointment

Learn more about how to access Telehealth appointments at CPL

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