Lachlan has found the job that works for him

Since starting at Kmart, Lachlan Grindrod is proving autism is no barrier to finding the right job and earning an income.

As Lachlan sits forward in his chair and chats confidently to a room full of strangers, there is nothing in the articulate young man’s manner to suggest that at two years old, Lachlan’s verbal ability back-pedalled to a point where he had virtually stopped speaking. 

Fast forward 20 years, and through the treatment and management of his autism diagnosis, Lachlan is part of Kmart’s customer service team; manning the checkouts and helping customers with ease.

“It was very challenging at the start where I got a little bit frustrated, a little bit confused. That’s when I asked my Mylestones Employment Job Development Officer (JDO) a few questions about it and they helped me in the right direction,” said Lachlan.

“When I got my first pay cheque, I was very surprised and shaking actually. It changed me. 

“Getting the job at the right time after leaving high school, I could start to get into saving and get into the real world like everyone else.

“My job gives me that ability to build up social skills like talking to new people and meeting new people, which is really enjoyable for me.”

Lachlan has since completed a Certificate II in Retail and still meets with his Mylestones Employment JDO to map out a career path and find ways to turn his dreams into reality.

“Ever since I was young, I’ve always wanted to work in the public transport industry in customer service; telling people where to go, how to help them on their journey.

“But the most exciting job that I’d really like to get in the future is working as a train driver at Queensland Rail.

“I’ve always loved how the trains operate: how they work, what railway lines they go on and how they run on time, which is very important,” Lachlan said.

The team at Mylestones Employment is focused on building more opportunities for people like Lachlan, with barriers and disabilities, to find work, earn an income, gain independence, develop new skills and follow their passions.

If you or someone you know is ready to take the next step with Mylestones, call 1300 635 or visit us at 

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Lachlan standing out front of his Kmart store. Lachlan is wearing a blue short sleeve button up shirt and has short brown hair. The background is blurred.