Keeping it green the CPL way

It's the 25th anniversary of National Recycling Week! For this milestone year, the theme is "Celebrate National Recycling Week YOUR way!" so what better time to share some of the things our CPL clients do to minimise waste and be kind to the planet.

1. Re-use old canvases

Did you know you can re-use a painted canvas? Our CPL Redcliffe clients lead by example by taking well-loved artwork and giving it new life. It's a simple process - you just need to lightly sand the surface, prime it, then paint it! If you would like a step by step, you can read more here.


2. Reducing the impact on the planet 

Mylestones is partnered with Sustainable Salons, who recycle items from hairdressers like hair, metals, paper, plastics and chemicals. David, (pictured below) has worked at Mylestones for 15 years is one of the team members who helps sort the recycled items.

3. Working bees

Danyal from CPL's Beenleigh service loves to get out in his community to make sure it's a clean environment for the local wildlife. There are plenty of council-run working bees available if you wanted to pitch in, like Habitat Brisbane. Otherwise small acts like picking up rubbish and learning to properly dispose of waste make a huge difference.

4. Get crafty

CPL Rockhampton's Funky Junk Upcycle class shows us that artistic inspiration can be found anywhere! They recently made vases with papier mache using recycled items like coffee jars and yogurt containers and topping it off with handmade material beads. If you are new to papier mache and are feeling inspired by our Upcycle class, follow these steps.

5. Recycling for a cause

CPL have recently partnered with ReCollect who have created a sustainable and environmentally way to recycle and give back to your community. Simply collect your cans and bottles and Recollect will do the rest. The funds can either go into your pocket, or be donated directly to CPL. If you'd like to learn more or register to donate, click here.

6. DIY Christmas

A great way to minimise waste and save some dollars this Christmas is using what you have around the home to make your decorations. Household items like socks, rice and beads can be turned into a snowman - like the crafty creations from CPL Rockhampton below.


Brown paper background with Polaroids of CPL clients being environmentally friendly. There are green recycling symbols on the background.