Jeremy's struck a chord

Across CPL, we have more than 2,600 employees who work alongside our clients and support them to chase the best in life. 

One employee who goes above and beyond every day to provide opportunities for people with disabilities is Jeremy Ruckels, is a Program Facilitator at CPL’s Redcliffe centre, Cascade Place. Jeremy has been with us for 15 years and introduced the music program currently running at the centre. During his time at CPL, Jeremy has seen cultural change and public perceptions transform.

“The program supports clients with high and complex support needs to independently write, record and release their own music,” said Jeremy.

“This music program has always been about breaking down public perceptions. It’s one of a kind, no one else is doing this.

“When people hear the music that is produced, they often don’t believe that it is actually written by the clients here – I totally live for this response. When you explain how it’s done, you can see their brains tick over and question every misconception they hold.

“Cultural change is always slow especially in this industry, but I think that CPL has embraced it and left the competitors behind.

“I love my job and the program we run. Plus, having songs played on Triple J was a good buzz!

“I facilitate the program, maintain the music studio and equipment, and experiment with new ways to get great results for our clients.

“An important part of my job is making sure our clients are supported to be as independent as they can be with their work. We aim for the highest possible quality.”

Jeremy said that other than the many professional development opportunities Cascade provides, there is a strong focus on community, culture and enjoyment. 

“Cascade has many different program offerings like boccia, textiles, video game development, community access, the list goes on. Whatever you want to achieve, Cascade has always made it happen. 

“Things have changed a lot since I started at CPL, and as an organisation we’ve not only adapted to change but now we’re creating the change ourselves. I am really proud to be a part of that change.”

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Jeremy and Chris at the park. Jeremy is wearing a grey shirt with purple sleeves, a cap and glasses. Chris is wearing black shirt and has short hair.