How Mags embraces her creative spirit

Mags has had a passion for all things dance, acting and performing since the age of seven. Experienced in tap, jazz, ballet, hip hop and lyrical, you could say Mags was born to dance, but it wasn’t until Mags joined Screech Arts some four years ago that she truly felt like she could express herself freely and has continued to grow in confidence ever since.

Mags was recently given the opportunity to perform a solo dance section at the 2021 Undercover Artist Festival and says her family has seen her grow in confidence in all areas of life since she started with Screech.

“Being with Screech I feel like I’m able to achieve a lot. I was a shy 19-year-old when I first started Screech coming into a big environment. I’ve felt more confident in doing more things in life, Screech has helped me so much and I probably wouldn’t feel as confident without it,” said Mags.

“My family has seen me grow in confidence and always makes me perform a new dance every time we get together for the holidays. They always support me and cheer me on when I’m performing.”

“Since being a part of Screech, my confidence has grown, I have learnt heaps of new dance moves, how to be up on a professional stage, public speak and perform in front of big crowds,” Mags said.

Mags said her favourite thing about Screech is the inclusive and supportive environment. She also said the fact that no one is ever excluded has kept her coming back and why she is now participating in two Screech classes in different regions.

“I love when I walk into the room, everyone’s positive, everyone’s happy and we all work as a team. No one has ever been left out or felt excluded. It’s a very inclusive environment for all involved,” said Mags.

“When I walked into my first Screech class, I was feeling really nervous. But when I got there, the atmosphere was incredible, the ladies were lovely, and everyone was so welcoming. I said to myself that I really like it here and have been coming back ever since.”

Mags now acts as a mentor to those who are new to the performing arts scene and Screech classes and said it’s been a seamless transition, one that she hopes to continue once she retires from dancing.

“I keep going back to Screech because it has given me so much, I wanted to help those who are new to the group and hopefully be someone who they can learn off and that I can help mentor them to be confident and give it a go,” said Mags.

“When people first join Screech, they are usually very shy and nervous. I try to encourage them to be a part of the group and be social within the group but most of all I help them to try their best and I always make sure that I help to lead others and give them a nod to let them know that they are doing well,” she said.

“I’ve been able to help others reach their goals through Screech and dancing by encouraging them to not be nervous or shy and to just give it a go.”

For anyone thinking of trying something new or giving Screech a go for the first time, Mags says go for it! “Screech is so supportive and inclusive. Even if you have no dance or acting experience Screech is still loads of fun where you will meet new people, gain confidence, and have fun,” she said.

At Screech Arts you’ll discover, grow, and unleash your creative spirit through drama, acting, dance, film, music, production, scriptwriting, set design and more! All workshops are developed by experienced facilitators and volunteers to ensure everyone is supported and able to develop at their own pace.

There are 10 Screech Art programs running across Queensland, that are open to both teenagers and adults. Screech Arts welcomes people of all abilities and people at different levels of performing arts experience.

“There are a lot of people who don’t come from a dancing or acting background but come and give it a go and keep coming back because it’s such an awesome and inclusive environment. I’ve seen so many people come in and have blossomed into confident men and women as a result.

“Whatever background you come from, even if it isn’t dance or acting, just come and give it a go, it’s an awesome place to be – four years later and I’m still here and loving every minute,” said Mags.

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