How to access affordable travel

Accessing affordable travel for people with a disability can often be a challenge. In this article we look at the different types of transport accessible for people with a disability and their supports, and what passes or memberships you may wish to apply for.

The Taxi Subsidy Scheme 

The Taxi Subsidy Scheme (TSS) is a Queensland Government initiative designed to provide access for Queenslanders with a disability to affordable taxi travel. 

The TSS allows travelers to only pay half the total taxi fare, up to a maximum fare of $50. This means that if your trip costs $40, you will only pay $20 and the other $20 will be covered by the Queensland Government. Where the total fare is more than $50, the maximum subsidy of $25 will be deducted from the fare and you will cover the remaining balance. 

You are also entitled to a maximum of 20 interstate travel vouchers over a 12-month period. 

For existing TSS members, you may have recently received a letter from the Department of Transport and Main Roads stating that your TSS membership will continue until 31 October 2022. 

With equal travel supports under the NDIS still being negotiated with the Commonwealth Government, the Taxi Subsidy Scheme will continue until 31 October 2022, or until a new approach to travel supports under the NDIS is agreed and your NDIS plan is reviewed. 

TSS membership lasts for a maximum of 5 years. To extend your membership, you must reapply before the expiry date. 

If you have a temporary disability, 6-to-12-month memberships are available. 

For more information on the TSS including information on Lift Passes, how it works and how to apply, visit the Queensland Government website, or view the Taxi Subsidy Scheme PDF. 

Public Transport 

Queensland’s TransLink provides options for public transport on buses, trains, fairy and tram services. An Access Pass provides free and unlimited travel on all services in Southeast Queensland besides the Air train and is available for passengers with a permanent or intellectual disability who can travel independently but cannot use the go card. 

TransLink also provides: 

  • Vision Impairment Travel Passes 
  • Assistance Animal Passes 
  • Trainer Cards 
  • Student Special Program Passes 

For more information on these passes and how to apply, visit the TransLink website

Information is also available on TransLink’s website on the accessibility of various services.

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Transport Assistance 

Transport assistance is also available to help people get around their community and for getting to medical appointments. 

The Community Transport Program supports people in the community who may have trouble accessing transport due to where they live, their financial situation or their disability, mental health or chronic health conditions. 

To search for a service provider near you click here. 

Provided they have 24-hours notice, the Queensland Ambulance Service provides non-emergency patient transport for:

•    pre-arranged visits to a medical facility for ongoing treatment
•    transfer between medical facilities for specialist treatment

For more information on community and medical transport options view the Queensland Government website.

Need more interstate info?

While this article is focused on Queensland residents, similar information can be found on your local government website or by clicking the relevant links below on public transport in your state.




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