Trekking for change

It’s a trek challenge for everyone, and it’s shaping up to be one of the most powerful walks in 2021. The CPL Trek Challenge is aiming to raise $185,000 to fund vital equipment and services for people with a disability, and is calling on everyday Queenslanders to lace up their shoes and trek for change.  

Taking place in May, participants can walk their own trek, or join a pre-organised trek in Brisbane on Sunday 30 May. There’s no limitations on how far you walk, or how much money you raise, with everyone able to set their own pace and fundraising goals.  

Tenille Koeter, CPL’s Fundraising and Development Manager, said CPL is putting the call out to all Queenslanders to get on board and help make a difference.  

“We want to see people from all backgrounds and abilities participating in our trek this year,” she said.  

“You don’t need to walk a marathon. All you need is the commitment to make a difference in the lives of people with disability.”  

One of the trekkers, who has already completed her walk, is 10-year-old Elyse. Raising over $5,000, Elyse trekked 9km around her local suburb to raise money for kids just like her.  

Born with a rare chromosomal condition called Tetrasomy 18p. The condition causes Elyse to have intellectual impairments, epilepsy, and dysphagia. After years of physio and hydrotherapy, Elyse can now walk on her own. 

By walking 9km, Elyse raised money to purchase equipment for other children with disabilities to learn to walk.  

And CPL is asking Queensland locals to do the same.  

How to join: 

If you can support the Trek Challenge in any way, either as a participant or donor, please visit and register today! 

We’ve even included some suggested accessible treks across the state for those who want to plan their own trek and be adventurous. 

Prizes to be won: 

There are loads of prizes up for grabs, including bandanas for people who raise over $50, a Garmin watch for the highest fundraiser valued at $336, and a $300 Wish Card for the highest fundraising group. 

For more information: 

Please visit the website, phone 1800 275 753 or email [email protected] for further support. 

“By participating in the Trek Challenge, you’ll be supporting people with disability to chase the best in life,” Tenille said.  

“There’s prizes for the highest fundraisers and a lot of support along the way from our team about how to make your trek a success. 

“It’s as simple as lacing up your boots, setting up your profile and asking your friends to donate their spare change. Those three small steps will make the world of difference to CPL and our clients,” she added.  

So what are you waiting for? Sign up for the CPL Trek Challenge today!  

Head to and register your trek today. For more information, phone 1800 275 753 or email [email protected]

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