David's New Home is a Recipe for Happiness

David Dickfos has recently moved into a Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) house at Helensvale and couldn’t be happier in his new home.  

A safe, comfortable and supportive home is a universal need we all share, but can be especially challenging to find for people living with disabilities who have specific accessibility needs.  

In his previous home, run by another provider, David felt he wasn’t being supported to do the things he enjoyed which made him feel independent, like cooking and washing. He struggled to access transport, and found the staff challenging, which was impacting his mental wellbeing.  

Despite discussing the situation with the provider and trying to find solutions, unfortunately David had reached the point where his happiness with his previous living situation had sunk to a 0/10. He felt like he had no choice but to make a change.    

David and his brother, Tony, deliberated over his options, and David considered moving into SDA, which he felt would provide the support he needed for a comfortable home while maintaining his independence.  

Kable Bull, Service Facilitator at CPL Nerang, thought the Helensvale SDA house, built by Youngcare and with Supported Independent Living (SIL) services provided by CPL, might be a good fit for David, so he encouraged him to consider taking a look. David agreed, and after visiting the space he knew he’d found his new home.  

With its height-adjustable kitchen, accessible laundry, and convenient access to transport, David knew immediately the home would be right for him. David especially appreciated being able to move into a house that was set up with wheelchair users in mind, and finding the right balance of support and independence.  

A photo of a meal that David prepared in his new home


Once David had made his decision, the move was swift, and he immediately felt more comfortable as he settled into his new home.  

“The [CPL support workers] are all really good. They are more positive, I love it. They listen,” David said.  

And importantly, David feels if he had any concerns, they would be addressed: “I could tell Kable if I was unhappy,” he said.     

One of the highlights of David’s new home is the veggie garden he shares with his housemates – David loves using home-grown veggies in preparing his delicious meals. He also enjoys going shopping or getting coffee with his new housemates, and although it’s an adjustment living with new people, together they’re working on ensuring everyone is comfortable.  

Tony can already see the difference in David’s mood since the move.  

“David is much happier. He loves it there. Moving to [the Helensvale home] is the best thing that could have happened,” he said.  

David gave his happiness with his new home a 10/10 rating, and the same stellar rating for his new support staff.  

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A photo of a meal that David prepared in his new home