Creative Sounds steal show in new music video

If there’s one thing you do today, make sure it’s this – check out this humorous, uplifting and cheeky music video from CPL’s Creative Sounds in Rockhampton. We guarantee it’ll have you beaming from ear to ear and in high spirits from the moment you start to watch. 

The group - led by revered and oh-so-gifted music facilitator Deborah Dekovic - is living proof that music really is the ‘universal language’, with sessions that cater to varying abilities enabling self-expression through humour and an intuitive use of themes.  

Deb said that after spending 16 years facilitating music and drama groups for CPL, she’s definitely discovered what works - and what doesn’t. 

“Creative Sounds is such a positive experience for CPL’s clients because I aim to make it more fun than it is serious,” Deb said. 

“Every person in the group loves music and this is really a chance for them to express themselves,” she said. 

“At the end of each class, two people from the week before get to perform or sing or dance - we do lots of silly stuff too and we laugh our heads off.” 

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Deb’s inherent passion for music spans a lifetime; she learnt singing and dancing from her early years and performed in a professional musical at only 17 years of age.  

“Musicals weren’t my destiny though - I left because I found it too much about ego - but I bought a guitar when I was 21 and still wanted to do something musical because music is what gives my life meaning,” Deb said. 

“So I started running music groups for kids when my boys were little, and one day the manager at CPL just called and asked if I’d be interested in working with her clients – and I thought, I’ll give anything a shot!” she said. 

“That’s how it started, then I just wrote a lot of songs for the class and let my imagination figure out how we could do different activities, with different instruments and props.” 

Deb’s catchy tunes and rhythms, repetitive actions, lyrics and sounds are infectious, as the video showcases beautifully. 


“My groups very much look forward to their sessions - but I guess in terms of what I get out of it, I’ve known a lot of them a long time and I love seeing them cut loose, it’s just so good!” Deb said. 

“They just really enjoy it – when I come into the centre they’re like, “Deb! What are we doing today!?” – they’re kind of like my family, they’re my people – and I just love them,” she said. 

Creative Sounds meet twice each week and the “I Love My Life” video was filmed by Anni and Hughie Simmons on location at Kershaw Gardens in Rockhampton.


You can check out Deb’s album “I Love My Life” on Spotify and also visit her website. “I Love My Life” is an album and booklet designed for music facilitators working in the aged care and disability sector. It’s also an inspiration that everyone can enjoy and celebrate together – in the only language we can all truly connect through - music.  


CPL would love to see as many downloads of Deb’s album as possible, to show our utmost appreciation for bringing so much fulfilment to the lives of our clients. 

Listen to the Album on Spotify:

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