Ben's CPL Ten Pin Bowling League

As a bowling league master cup trophy winner, Ben wanted to share the joy of league bowling by encouraging other CPL clients to participate each Wednesday on the Gold Coast.

Watch Ben’s video and hear more about what bowling means to him and how he’s shared this with his peers. 


Title text: Ben lives on the Gold Coast and is a CPL client. As a former ten pin bowling trophy winner, he wanted to share the joy of league bowling by bringing it to CPL.

Ben: CPL ten pin bowling league is actually showing people to use their abilities and strategy to how to do bowling.

So, the way I see it I used to be a bowling league master cup trophy and I won the whole year and now i'm showing how to be in bowling league on the Wednesday.

So we do have a calendar to show the events, the time, how do we get there, what to bring. And they just come attend attend and have fun.

This is the fun part of CPL Ten Pin Bowling League. It shows you the scoreboards, you just write it down each time they go and they just write them down. That's what all there is.


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Person wearing a blue and yellow stripy shirt holding an open book that says "CPL Ten Pin Bowling Activities Guide"