Bake cupcakes with Larissa this Easter

In celebration of Easter and our love of all things sweet, we filmed Larissa who showed us how she bakes and decorates her cupcakes, including what tools and techniques she uses to make things easier in the kitchen.

Check out the video below and let us know how you got on with the recipe.

To help in the kitchen and make things safer for her, Larissa worked with her Occupational Therapist and utilised non-slip mats which she placed mixing bowls and cupcake trays on, a switch to operate the mixer and a kitchen safe knife.

Larissa has been obsessed with baking since she received a rolling pin from her mum for Christmas, but we think she secretly loves ‘spilling’ the ingredients on her support workers. Larissa’s decorations included fondant, speckled eggs and lots of sprinkles.  

Larissa followed these instructions on the back of the packet and used cream eggs, fondant and sprinkles for her decorations, but we’ve also included this simple recipe if you prefer. Let us know how you got on and share your pics with us!

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