Artists with a disability featured in Doyles Art Award

With a prize pool of over $20,000 split amongst several categories, The Doyles are a significant award in the Queensland visual arts calendar. A number of local artists who identify as having a disability are featured in the awards this year, including five of the talented artists from the CPL Southport Art Program.

The Doyles Art Award was established to honour the late Gold Coast landscape artist, d’Arcy Doyle. The primary prize money is awarded in the Landscape category, to perpetuate d’Arcy Doyle’s memory and encourage others in the creation of quintessentially Australian art.

The Doyles Art Award 2022 Prizes

Landscape - 1st Prize: $10,000, 2nd Prize: $3,000, 3rd Prize: $1,000

Figurative - 1st Prize: $1,000, 2nd Prize: $500

Still Life - 1st Prize: $1,000, 2nd Prize: $500

People's Choice: $1,000

The exhibition will run from 22 June - 3 July 2022, at Mudgeeraba Memorial Hall, located on Yugambeh & Bundjalung country. You can view the entire exhibition online, or check out the CPL artists featured below!



As an artist, Annika creates artworks that explore the beauty of nature, diversity, and freedom. Having Cerebral Palsy, Annika experiences uncontrollable movements throughout my body all my life, painting is a way for her to express her thoughts and feelings. Annika uses unique techniques that allow her to paint independently. They include using her nose and fingers to create fine lines and the palms of her hands to mix colours.

Side by side images of Annika's still life artwork and a photo of her sieated in her wheelchair smiling

View artwork: Kitchen Still Life

Neil Golde – FAMILY

Neil lives his life with an Intellectual Disability, but does not allow it to limit his vision or ability to pursue his dreams. Neil has a profound passion for dot painting and unique intricate visual art endeavours. His work requires extreme levels of focus and concentration, due to its meticulous complexity, and painstaking accuracy. Neil's inspiration is derived from nature and the beauty of life that encapsulates humanity. He ventures into the world with his camera and captures imagination, which he then turns from the intangible into the tangible that dares you to look away, to be moved, to be inspired, to feel, to live.

Side by side photos of Neil's artwork framed on a black wall and Neil holding his finished image

View artwork: Family


David spent his childhood growing up on a farm with lots of animals. Although he has restricted mobility, this does not hinder David’s desire to create art. Painting is a new skill and passion he has developed that enables him to express his connection to the land and animals.

Two images side by side, one of David's painting on display at the Doyles, and another of him painting a different artwork of an elephant

View artwork: Galahs in the Garden


Painting is a way for James to express himself, to be part of the community and improve his social skills. James feels incredibly proud to be an Artist. With his Autism, having a routine is extremely important to me to James, and having Art practice twice a week has allowed him to prepare himself for routine. Knowing there are no boundaries in art lets James get creative with abstract painting, using his fingers, hands & body and trying many different mediums.

Two image side by side. The first one is of James with his artwork at the Doyles, he is smiling and giving a thumbs up. The second is a close up of his work in progress


Liam's relationship with art has helped develop new skills and apply them in unique and expressive ways. Painting provides a means to fully immerse himself in his art, the moment and the experience. Liam's art journey is supported by CPL Southport's Art Program, and he is also currently enjoying the mentorship of Queensland artist and curator John Waldron.

Liam standing beside his artwork City of Gold Coast, hung at the Doyles

View artwork: City of Gold Coast

View all the artworks and learn more about the Doyles Art Award on their website

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Liam standing beside his artwork City of Gold Coast, hung at the Doyles