Adam’s persistence paid off

Adam had one goal: to find paid employment. He’s been living with a disability for most of his life and had already overcome barriers to complete multiple university degrees with another one underway.

Then everything came to a halt when Adam hit a low point with his health. He had to take a break from his studies and put in the hard yards to regain not only his strength but his confidence as well.

“I wanted to get myself back on track, and paid employment was my goal,” Adam said.

“I spent a lot of time improving my strength and fitness with regular training sessions at the gym.

“When things started to look up, I was referred to the University Specialist Employment Partnerships (USEP) program at James Cook University. That’s when I met the team at Mylestones Employment.”

Adam worked with Mylestones to update his resume, build his confidence, write letters requesting Industry Experience visits, and applied for work experience and employment opportunities around Townsville.

During this time, Adam learned the key to finding a job – persistence. 

Having multiple degrees meant multiple areas of interest, so after applying for jobs in a few different fields, Adam landed an interview for a part-time IT job and he nailed it!

He said without the help from Mylestones, he’s not sure where he would be.

“Since I got this job, Mylestones has continued to support me with equipment, transport, and finding ways to overcome barriers in the workplace. They’ve been a big help,” he said.

Always looking for the next opportunity, Adam now has his next goal in mind: fulltime employment. He says this job is a stepping stone for him, and it’s great to finally have something to build on.

To everyone else out there still looking for work, Adam’s advice is simple: keep an open mind.

“Remember every opportunity is something you can learn from,” he said.

“Be aware of your skills and don’t get locked into looking for a specific job.”

We’re looking forward to hearing about Adam’s next step forward in his career! We’ll keep you posted…

Wondering what USEP is? 
Through the USEP program, Uni students with disabilities work with Mylestones to take the next step after graduation. To find out more, visit 

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Close up image of Adam Clarke. Adam has short brown hair and is wearing black glasses and a red polo shirt.